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Video Exposure Monitoring (VEM) is the process of recording sensor data and capturing video footage and stitching them together. Then when playing back, you are able to quickly identify the points of exposures using a system of Government or User defined standards. 


Capturing Data with VEM Mobile Capture at a Brass Foundry

Step 1: Capture

Using our Mobile Device or Laptop capture, you get an accurate representation of data/video and can record multiple sensors at the same. Our Mobile Capture system is very portable and can fit in your hands or the back of a backpack.



After collecting data, you bring the data over to your computer. Using our cross platform application, you import your data from your capture session. Then by using the built in standards or custom standards, you can quickly identify the moments of high exposure. 


Step 3: Report

You can use our built in HTML report system which will generate a report for you to show your findings or you can play back the highlight points on our software. Then using this knowledge, you will be able to go fix the issues that currently exist in your work area.

More Information on VEM can be found by clicking on this YouTube video.