Dr. James McGlothlin
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Enhance Your Company Through Erognomics

McGlothlin Ergonomics is your source for comprehensive ergonomic programs, including workplace evaluations, workspace redesign, and ergonomic training. From Fortune 100 companies to family-owned businesses, all organizations can benefit from these services. Contact our Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company for information on pricing

Development of Ergonomic Programs

If your organization faces high injury rates or other safety and health concerns, we can help. Often these problems are due to poor design and function, as well as poor work practices. The following services will help not only to identify the hazards but prevent them from occurring. We make recommendations for workspace improvements to reduce injuries and boost productivity and efficiency. This reduces your cost and improves the bottom line by form and function, raising the quality of work life. Our services include:

• Evaluation & Analysis of Injury
• Illness Logs
• Worksite Job Assessments
• Interviews of Workers & Managers
• Design & Evaluation of Workflow

Ergonomic Training

Educations and Training are key elements to successful ergonomic programs. Dr. McGlothlin has taught at Purdue for over 17 years. He is an award winning professor who has taught world wide and is known for his outstanding Ergonomics education programs. These training programs focus on the most current principals and practices of Ergonomics that custom designed with a hands on approach to assure successful learning and application. Offerings include:

• Ergonomic Seminars
• Short Term Training Courses
• Certificate Series
• Primers for Ergonomic Certification